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About AAHP

Who we are and how we can help you

Ad Astra Human Performance was founded by airline pilots and Human Factors professionals, who have decades of experience flying and training Human Factors for large airlines. We recognise that your achievements and successes can be truly remarkable if you utilise your interpersonal skills, individual strengths, and human competencies to the highest level.

Meet our core development team

Joshua de Maid - Director

I am one of the founding Directors of Ad Astra Human Performance and a member of the core development team, as well as an airline pilot with experience flying for two large UK-based airlines. I also hold a BSc degree that focused on learning how to use human factors for enhancing professional development, which sparked my early interest in how we perform and behave as human beings.

I have always been fascinated by how few people realise they are not living and working to their fullest potential, so I trained as a Performance coach and a Human Factors Trainer, with the aim of one day developing my own training programme that leaves people feeling empowered and inspired to grow on both a personal and professional level. The Covid-19 pandemic gave me the time and capacity to bring this concept to life and, instead of fearing change, I welcomed it by using my knowledge and passion for the subject to launch Ad Astra alongside my core development team.

I am incredibly proud of our unique programmes because they challenge the status quo in their design and methodologies. I recognise how powerful these training concepts are as I have seen them in action and experienced them in the real world. This is why, as a company, we are so passionate about establishing powerful and thought-provoking environments that encourage a commitment in workforces to perform to their greatest strengths, while remaining agile and robust.

Our World continues to change around us, but with these concepts we can adapt and develop to remain ahead. It is the motivation and resilience within people that will drive this change towards an exciting and successful future.

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Steven Britton - Director

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I believe that at heart of Ad Astra lie a number of formulative experiences that drive our powerful beliefs. My experiences are shaped by the constant of an extensive aviation background and enhanced by a passion for high performance coaching within business and sport, where the focus on strengths, solutions and future success, coupled with the belief in the curiosity, resourcefulness and potential of the individual generate dramatic positive results.

The last 25 years as an airline pilot has seen a revolution in how I work, airlines had to change to improve safety. They found the answer, with the help of NASA, within their people. Simply by developing, adopting and most importantly believing in human factors, dramatic safety and performance improvements have occurred.

You fulfilling your potential is what I am most excited to see and this is why I’m so honoured to have been part of the core development team. Our secret is helping you in understanding your strengths and enhancing your skills. The energy is generated by intrinsic motivation that promotes your creativity, allowing you to be the most productive and effective you have ever been.

Henry Walker - Program Development Partner

I am one of the earliest members of the Ad Astra Human Performance Team and have been involved in developing the core business. I am also a pilot for one of the UK and Europe’s largest airlines.

Having suffered mildly from learning disabilities as a child going through school, I was exposed to the concept of improving how we use our own abilities through learning and awareness, which led me to become qualified in the subject. Further aviation HF specific training followed.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I volunteered in a hospital where I was asked to consult briefly on a Human Factors training program for junior doctors. This gave me great appreciation of how useful HF can be in every human environment and how aviation's hard-earned lessons could be utilised in other professions.

It has been very rewarding assisting in the development of the Human Factors program at Ad Astra Human performance, and I am delighted seeing the results of these programs take effect.

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Peter Bruce - Training & Business Development Partner

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I joined the two founders of Ad Astra, initially to help and advise but quickly realised the synergy between their project and my own conviction of the fundamental and transformative relevance of Human Factors in all professional disciplines.

My background is mostly aviation related - 27 years as an airline pilot plus 7 years flying and testing helicopters. Throughout this period I was also Instructing and testing fixed-wing and rotary pilots. I have also created my own training products company.

My career has spanned the period in which Human Factors has changed aviation from an industry facing extinction due to an ever increasing accident rate, to one where incidents are extremely rare; Human Factors have been the decisive factor in this transformation.

In my opinion, there is no more powerful way of creating fundamental, permanent and positive change, which benefits both company and employees, whose lives are transformed by the greater personal power and effectiveness that these tools (which we draw out) grant them.

When you add the fact that achieving change through Human Factors is by far the most effective (and handily the cheapest) method, you can see where the basis of my enthusiasm lies.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to inspire professional growth amongst global workforces, by realising their potential and enhancing performance on both an individual and organisational level. We want to maximise safety and productivity by ensuring businesses remain agile and robust, with strong performing workforces that adapt to change and overcome challenges.
We see positive change being embraced. Motivated teams will build as engagement levels increase. The path will be cleared from conflict, censorship, and blame, and replaced with harmony, honesty, and collaboration.

Redefining Human Competency

We have re-designed the concept of human performance by creating new competencies from existing ideologies and innovatively redefining the way in which we, as professionals, should apply these competencies every day. At the heart of this process is unlocking the potential of people to optimise their own performance for maximum levels of organisation-wide productivity.

We have created the Integrated Professional Development Path through many months of research, testing, and adapting, along with the knowledge and expertise of our founders. This has ensured that our training and professional development programmes are world-class, while being versatile and easily adaptable to individual and organisational needs.

Before success can be limitless, we must first realise our potential.

Ad Astra Human Performance Ltd is accredited by the CPD Standards Office

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